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Hot Stamping Mobile Case Packaging Apr 02, 2020

The hot stamping of the mobile phone case packaging box is to paste the prepared printing plate on a printing plate equipped with an electric heating plate. 

The printing plate is heated by the electric heating plate, and the reel-shaped anodized aluminum is stamped on the surface of the mobile phone case packaging box. The substrate that is usually bronzed is anodized aluminum foil.

The stamping of the mobile phone case can also be red, gold, silver, red, green, blue, and laser gold. These processes are usually performed according to customer needs.

There are two main purposes of mobile phone case packaging. The first is to decorate the surface of the mobile phone case packaging to increase product sales. 

Exquisite Practical Carton Mobile Phone Shell Universal Heaven And Earth Cover Box

The second is to prevent this peer from using the same packaging box as ours. The holographic positioning hot stamping trademark logo is used on the shell packaging box, which not only can prevent counterfeiting, but the hot stamping of the mobile phone shell packaging box can express the personalization of the product packaging and is safe and environmentally friendly.

Therefore, many high-end mobile phone case packaging boxes use the hot stamping process.